5 Tips to a Better Back


1. Walk every day.

Walking and exercise does a body good. Work with your PT to customize a back strength, walking, or exercise routine.

2. Sit and stand up straight.

Your mother was right! Good posture not only looks better and improves your confidence, it also aligns your spine to protect your back.

3. Strengthen your back and stomach muscles.

Strong core muscles help to protect your back while you bend, lift, and twist. They also help make you look skinnier.

4. Maintain a healthy weight.

Supporting extra abdominal weight adds more strain on the back muscles, pinches nerves and can decrease blood flow to the legs.

5. Take regular breaks.

Our bodies weren’t meant to sit still for hours at a time. Get up every 30-45 minutes to stand, stretch, and get the blood flowing so muscles don’t get starved for nutrition.




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