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Taking Care of Your Back

Do you find yourself rubbing your neck and feeling a slight pain after sitting at your desk for a while or after a car ride?  Are you holding your head high or is it holding you hostage?  BackBone addresses the root cause of these problems: improper posture.

Of course, we all know to sit up straight, but sometimes we need to be strapped in to stay that way.  

Did you know…

with every inch that your head moves forward out of alignment, tension stress and gravity cause your head to effectively double in weight. An adult human head weighs 8-10 pounds, now think about having 20, 30+ pounds to support by being out of alignment.

This creates headaches, back pain, neck pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and difficulty sleeping.


Don’t go home feeling the effects of a day at the office –

Come home feeling refreshed


“…the road is a lonely place” –

It’s not a painful one though.  Stop your driving fatigue.


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We are proud to be a supporter of the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer and help those during post-op find ways to maintain optimal health.

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